Dear Customer,

In these modern times, enterprises have to keep up with the competitive requirements of international markets in order to survive and maintain their profits in our globalized world.
Our enterprise, closely following the latest changes and reforms in technology, gives great importance to research and development.

Our company, Industrial Electric, Electronic Ind. and Trade Co. Ltd., endeavours to provide your valuable customers a continuous and maximum quality understanding based on the use of the most up to date technology.

In these changing times, the establishment of a classic flour factory has lost is profitability. This is due to current competitive conditions, both in Turkey and around the world. Flour factories that are newly established should better be conceived using the latest technological developments from the point of view of design and operation.

Our firm, having 10.000 m2 of closed area with 150 qualified personnel, produces the below listed equipment for flour, semolina and animal feed factories:

1) MCC electric panels, associated PC and PLC control systems .
2) PLC+PC controlled fully automated product yield rate control systems
3) PLC controlled fully automated flour, bran and pulse packaging systems.
4) Automatic conditioning systems
5) Automatic flow balancer
6) Carousel type 4 -6 headed packaging/weighing machines.

Current international standards demand not only quality flour production, but consideration to a list of important factors. If any one of the below criteria falls below accepted world standards, both profitability and competitiveness of the enterprise suffers.

1) Maximum and continuous quality (quality is the indispensable element)
2) Maximum efficiency,
3) Time spent per tonne produced,
4) Energy spent per tonne produced,
5) Labour cost per tonne.

With the above considered, regarding efficiency, the importance of PLC and PC controlled electric control systems, automatic flow balancers, automatic conditioners, yield control machines and automatic packaging systems increases significantly.

Our enterprise fully understands these criteria, and produces both quality and economic solutions for its customers.

General Manager
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